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OT 4 Poppet - Just one more brag about GR soccer.
Tue Jul 11, 2017 12:50pm

Our Women's team scoring leader won United Women's Soccer golden boot with 14 goals.

Even more amazing is that she had started at outside mid and scored no goals but was changed later in the season to Center Forward and proceeded to rack up 14 goals in 5 games, the last 4 games each with a hat-trick or more. Also, she only played 448 minutes this season meaning a goal every 32 minutes.

Can't wait for the playoffs!

    • 14 goals in 5 games?!?Poppet, Tue Jul 11 1:28pm
      You realize imma call up Gavin Wilkinson in the Thorns FO and see if we can poach her, right? =P Seriously, that is absolutely stellar. Wishing ya the very best of luck in the playoffs!
      • She's gone and DONE IT AGAIN!PureStevil, Sun Jul 16 10:57am
        Now at 5 hat tricks in a row. Last nights playoff opponent (FC Indiana) was weakened by some of their squad having to move on before playoffs so they called up some 16 yr olds (though they still did... more
        • I'd love to see her play!Poppet, Mon Jul 17 12:09am
          Thorns won a big one on Saturday: beat the North Carolina Courage (league leaders) 1-0 here at Providence Park...with five of their preferred 11 unavailable (Tobin's still hurt, along with Kat... more
          • Streak broken now.PureStevil, Mon Jul 17 11:26am
            No goals for Bethany in last nights match, but we managed a headed goal off the corner midway through the 1H and held on to win the UWS Midwest Conference Championship 1-nil. This coming weekend we... more
          • I heard that.PureStevil, Mon Jul 17 11:19am
            Saw a vid clip of the header for the win too. I'm checking my calendar because there is a group of people from our local GRFC supporters group that is heading down to Chicago to watch them play the... more
          • Were you there?Edmund, Mon Jul 17 11:05am
            If so, you saw at least one North Texas product in action. Taylor Smith #11 Tiffini Smith #14 Tiffini Smith played alongside my eldest niece on a Dallas-based club soccer team from 2004 thru 2008.... more
            • Yep.Poppet, Mon Jul 17 2:48pm
              I've missed one Thorns home match ever. =) Smith was impressive (for all that her scuffed clearance led to the Thorns goal). Really good, aggressive player on both sides of the ball.,,
              • U do luvs U some Thorns soccer don't UEdmund, Mon Jul 17 9:28pm
                I've missed one Thorns home match ever. =) So what's your excuse?? ;-) Smith was impressive (for all that her scuffed clearance led to the Thorns goal). Really good, aggressive player on both sides... more
        • Containing the score in a soccer mismatchEdmund, Sun Jul 16 4:02pm
          I knew a coach who, when his team occasionally would come up against grossly overmatched competition (usually in "open" tournaments where now and then coaches for reasons inconceivable to me were... more
      • It's impressive.PureStevil, Tue Jul 11 2:51pm
        heh, not sure how well UWS translates to that level. :P Also, the kind of performances the team has put together show it's a whole team kind of thing going on. I think we may be reframing the wonder... more
    • You Going?Amadeus, Tue Jul 11 12:59pm
      I am thinking about it. It is in Grandville, yes? Amadeus
      • Yes, and yes.PureStevil, Tue Jul 11 2:42pm
        We did so well and had proper facilities such that we're hosting the whole thing. I just bought our tickets today. Might even go to the matches we're not in as well.
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