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Don't Be Fooled By Propaganda...
Thu Jul 13, 2017 8:11pm

I accidentally opened a post by Mondo below, and saw the Obama leaving office picture with all the apparently damning statistics. I'm suspicious of such stuff naturally, but this one seemed worse than normal. So, I picked out one of the measures from Mondo's picture, the cost of insurance, to demonstrate how deceptive his information is.

Insurance rates rose over Obama's time in office from 12680 to 18142. Sounds bad. But if you look into it...

From 1999 - 2009, insurance costs rose 13.1% per year (KFF, Employer health benefits, 2009 summary of findings,

Projected over Obama's term, that should have resulted in...

2009 12680 x 13.1% growth = 14341
2010 14341 x 13.1% growth = 16220
2011 16220 x 13.1% growth = 18345
2012 18345 x 13.1% growth = 20748
2013 20748 x 13.1% growth = 23466
2014 23466 x 13.1% growth = 26540
2015 26540 x 13.1% growth = 30016
2016 30016 x 13.1% growth = 33948
2017 projected cost: 33948

Instead, it was 18142. That is a yearly growth rate of 4.58%. You could say that by the time he left office, Obama was saving people over $15k per year on average.

That's how these things work. In this case, data taken out of context. Sometimes, it turns out to be data fabricated out of whole cloth. But the damage these pictures do is real and lasting. How many folks do you think just blindly shared that picture with everyone they know because it confirms what they've been told - that Obama was bad for the nation?

Don't trust them. Always verify.


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