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Norwegian billionaire to clean ocean plastics?
Mon Jul 17, 2017 10:15am

That is very very noble. But where the hell is the petrochemical and plastics manufacturers in all this? It's their invention, their products, essentially they are the disseminators of all the crap! Why have these profit maximizers not put funds together to build a plastics recycling vessel that scours the region's where vortexes collect their detritus? For that matter would it be asking too much for the war for profits empire to forego just one little ship of war and instead build a ocean going vessel to clean up plastics?? THAT WOULD BE GOOD NEWS! I cannot think of a better example of just how truly screwed up are the priorities of the human race. This one example is a poignant sign that our vaunted intelligence is overruled by suicidal tendencies.

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