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Mondo Fuego™
Not sure why I wrote this ... but here 'tis ...
Sun Aug 6, 2017 2:31pm

... I think it was inspired by the life and times of Obama


'An Ode to His "Limpancy"’

©Mondo Fuego™ 2017

Ah, Sweet Incompetence, how Pernicious and Perilous She?

She woos with seductive promises and anesthetizes the senses of Man.

The addictive lure too fierce to withstand, He attains the climax of wild expectations and feels the rush of concern flow from his body.

The pleasure having subsided, He finds himself jilted and adrift in a sea of sorrow, having fallen far short of the dream, no safe shore in sight.

Oh, foolish Man, why didst thou waste thyself upon Her?

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