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OT: going to first Thorns match on Saturday
Tue Aug 8, 2017 11:44am

#2 Chicago Red Stars vs. #3 Portland Thorns. Should be a decent match. Both teams well within reach of the #1 spot.
First time I'll see the Red Stars too.

Loved the WEURO2017 final the other day with the Lioness' winning in style. Hup Holland Hup! Wij Zijn Op Jacht! (We are hunting!)
I'm wondering if Nadim will be back for the game Saturday or not.

    • Aw yeah!Poppet, Tue Aug 8 12:26pm
      Should be a good match. The Thorns have almost everyone available (still no Tobin Heath, though...a huge loss), and have been playing three-in-the-back (Reynolds-Sonnett-Menges), with Klingenberg and ... more
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