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Mondo Fuego™
Farce Book Zuckerberg thinking about running for president
Tue Aug 8, 2017 5:52pm

That's all we need ... another BoZoBaMa type adrift in a fantasy world. Maybe he could give kids a lifetime supply of lollipops and every family an allowance of $100 a month.

It's amazing how someone who accidentally stumbles into an embarrassment of riches all of a sudden thinks that they are qualified to be president. People like Zucker and Mark Cuban and TeslaBoy.

Farce Book is just another inflated without much substance. It is not a significant creator of technology. It is a kid's version of LinkedIn that appeals to low-mentality folks ... filled with "selfies", pictures of food and drinks, and quasi-porn.

God help us if these types are the future leaders of our nation.

    • ...influential than the stupid orangutan that idiot Americans elected.
      • Yes, but too young. Is he wise? (nm)PH👀EY, Wed Aug 9 5:43pm
      • That's a matter of opinion ...Mondo Fuego™ , Wed Aug 9 5:27pm
        ... he is just a lucky little yuppie without much else going for him. Trump buildings and golf courses will still be around long after Farce Book has crashed and burned.
        • No, it isn't.KR, Wed Aug 9 7:07pm
          He invented something that changed the world. People can now connect with each other in a way that was not possible 10 years ago. Trump did absolutely nothing original. No new ideas. No innovation at ... more
    • Uber CEO Travis Kalanick ...Ken C, Tue Aug 8 10:37pm
      I think he stumbled into an embarrassment of riches. On June 20, 2017, Kalanick resigned as CEO after multiple shareholders reportedly demanded his resignation. He would not be a good US president.... more
    • A little et, Tue Aug 8 7:37pm
      elephant follows behind everybody taking notes, an elephant forgets nothing. Delayed retrieval of what you're looking for means elephant busy eating peanuts. Or having sex?
    • Data miningEx-News Junkie, Tue Aug 8 7:03pm
      He probably knows more about what people want than anyone else.
    • Elon Musk is CEO of SpaceX and Tesla,Ken C, Tue Aug 8 6:39pm
      and he founded a few other successful companies. Once could be an accident, but he has been successful too many times for it to be an accident. He probably wants to be president of Mars, not USA.
      • We'll see how well Tesla turns outMondo Fuego™ , Wed Aug 9 5:32pm
        Might be like Saturn ... after the ones who wanted one bought one, nobody else wanted one. The little yuppies with limited financial means want the cheap Tesla 3 so they can think they are as... more
      • You have the title of the office wrong for Mars.PureStevil, Wed Aug 9 5:51am
        In Werner Von Braun's 1952 book "The Mars Project" the leader of Mars is referred to as the Elon. See page 177. So um, yeah...
    • Big laugh!shadow, Tue Aug 8 5:58pm
      Because of his youth he won't be eligible for two more years. But I guess you can campaign at any age.
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