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Christopher Blackwell
Good a growing number of infetral men
Fri Aug 11, 2017 9:09am

So the solution to over population is at hand, of course the extinction of mankind might be a good thing in the long run.

Worldwide Sperm Counts Are Dropping

but the U.N.’s prediction actually represents a slowing of the recent growth rate, from 1.24% to 1.1 %. That may not seem like much, but it is part of a downward trend, and a new report may shed some light on at least one reason: Over the last four decades, sperm counts worldwide have dropped by 59.3%, and they’re apparently continuing to go down. This means there’s an ever-growing number of men who are infertile or nearly so.

    • Women are too hot, men have nothing left in the tankEx-News Junkie, Fri Aug 11 3:09pm
      More likely a historical indication of "who" they were getting samples from. Initially, they probably recruited "paid donors" from a process that screened for overall health, family health history,... more
    • of all of the synthetic chemicals that are dumped out into the environment. Some of these have hormone-like effects. Likely insecticides, herbicides, plasticizers in food containers, and the usual... more
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