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Mondo Fuego™
Anyone here know anything about bitcoin?
Fri Aug 11, 2017 9:15am

How does it actually work?

What backing does bitcoin have?

How does one acquire and use bitcoin?

    • Interesting topic.Ken C, Fri Aug 11 9:42pm
      The post made me curious so I'm reading about bitcoins. You can buy bitcoins here: (I don't know if that site can be trusted, or if bitcoins are safe.)
      • It is as good as Monopoly Money.DFM, Sun Aug 13 12:26am
        In addition to being totally worthless as far as the Law of Nations is concerned, it is also totally unregulated. DFM
        • Quite to the contrary ...Mondo Fuego™ , Sun Aug 13 11:26am
          ... it is being accepted and used by more and more businesses. I have no plans to enter that arena, but I can't help noticing its increase in usage.
          • It has ZERO underlying value. In particular, it is NOT legal tender and cannot be FORCED to be accepted as payment for debt. It is nothing bu a Ponzi scheme. There will be a crisis, as in all other... more
    • 10 minute summary is here.PureStevil, Fri Aug 11 4:47pm
    • All it is is virtual “money” that is used online like cash. There are two ways to get it you can build a mining machine or buy it and have it put into your wallet. I haven’t used it for a long time,... more
    • How does it actually work? Suckers pay real money for bitcoin credits which they trade to other suckers who are stupid enough to accept. What backing does bitcoin have? ZERO. It has no legal status... more
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