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How the weather machine operates its weather control
Thu Aug 24, 2017 5:15pm

Here is a great example of how the weather psychopaths manipulate the weather. This tropical storm named Harvey is in the Gulf approaching Texas. The linked video is a great display of the microwave zappers hitting the storm and creating craters that expand outward. This is the method used to destroy super cells and the one out in the Pacific, the remnant heading towards my region now, not being zapped but aerosoled. That began anew today.

I doubt if this fellow is going to do timely updates to follow this as it progresses into Texas. But one can certainly utilize his sources within the public domain to satisfy any curiosity about how these terrorists operate.

    • Thanks. That was funny.SES, Fri Aug 25 10:09am
      Talk about "I saw it on the Internet, so it must be true". lol At least this keeps him in his Mom's basement instead of outside where he could hurt someone.
      • Laugh all you want... 😡Contrarian, Fri Aug 25 11:15am
        I'll have the last "I told you so!" Here is a primer on how to create a hurricane. If the link works. And as you can observe in the ingredients all of the particulars are known. From satellites these ... more
        • The question being, of course...SES, Fri Aug 25 11:20am
          • Warfare.Contrarian, Fri Aug 25 11:48am
            Here is one of the links I screwed up: https;// The parlance is FORCE ENHANCEMENT. I believe they are still experimenting, and honing the skill. Satellites,... more
            • OK. Got it. You're a looney.SES, Mon Aug 28 12:06pm
              Um. You think there's a secret program to develop methods for controlling hurricanes for use as weapons? I heard once something like every time you add another person to a conspiracy, you double the... more
            • PH👀EYContrarian, Fri Aug 25 11:50am
              I just did this link at html practice board. It linked up over there.
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