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Remember those stupid "Obama accomplishments" memes?
Fri Aug 25, 2017 10:36am (XFF:

Obama did absolutely nothing positive during his eight years to improve the economy.

The economy meandered along, at an anemic rate, while all Obama and his cronies could do was rail against "the rich" and whine about the "wage gap" and impose legislation that HURT businesses and the economy FAR MORE than it helped.

Yet he and they laid claim to improvements in all sorts of economic indicators -- which had improved in SPITE of him, not BECAUSE of him.

So where are they now, after only seven months of the pro-business Trump Administration?

In only seven months:

DOW up 20.6% to 21,820, has been as high as 22,120, an all-time record
S&P 500 up 16.3% to 2,445, has been as high as 2,480, an all-time record
Unemployment DOWN 21.8% to 4.3%, the lowest rate in 16 years
Consumer Confidence UP 26.3% to 121.1, a 16-year high

Yet all Libs can talk about are Trump's tweets, Russia, and Confederate statues.

    • " From Trump's Inauguration Day to present, the S&P 500 Index has gained around 7%. That's less than a third of the 25% gain the S&P posted over the same horizon after Obama took office in 2009. " (I ... more
      • Just using the real numbers, that's all.SES, Mon Aug 28 12:00pm
        Closing Bell on the Friday before the election, November 4, 2016: S&P 500: 2,085 DOW: 17,888 NASDAQ: 5,046 The numbers earlier today when I checked: S&P 500: 2,440 (+17.0% in about 10 months) DOW:... more
    • Or...Amadeus, Fri Aug 25 11:49am
      • Pathetic! Mostly lies ...Mondo Fuego™ , Fri Aug 25 7:59pm
        What wars were ended? BoZo lost the peace in Iraq, ISIS flared up, Syria turned into Hell, NoKo got the bomb, and the national debt doubled. Gas is not under $2.00. Bin Laden was most likely dead.... more
        • Correction: Gas is now under $2.00. (nm)Mondo Fuego™ , Sat Aug 26 4:56am
        • As is said it takes one to know oneChristopher Blackwell, Fri Aug 25 9:34pm
          Mondo Fuego™ , Do you think anyone on this board cares what you think? Rather full of yourself. Never been foolish enough to have such weird concepts of needing to impress anyone on the Internet.... more
          • Do you think anyone on this board cares what you think? Mondo Fuego™ , Sat Aug 26 4:55am
            Rather full of yourself. Never been foolish enough to have such weird concepts of needing to impress anyone on the Internet. After all it is merely a fantasy land. For all we know, you could be... more
            • actually yesTrish, Sat Aug 26 10:05am
              and speaking of someone full of himself you seem to have your head up your ass lately. take it down a notch dude.
              • MYOB (nm)Mondo Fuego, Sat Aug 26 10:21am
                • Christopher is my friendTrish, Sat Aug 26 10:30am
                  therefore your attacks on him ARE my business ass hat
                  • Chrissy is my friend too ...Mondo Fuego™ , Sat Aug 26 11:28am
                    ... ass hates. ;) You are on a roll. Midol?
                    • You got that right, Mindy.Edmund, Sun Aug 27 7:51am
                      The surest sign that a friendship exists between two "gentlemen" (the quotes signifying, of course, the inapplicability of that term to you in the literal sense of the word) is when one takes the... more
                    • too old for that shitTrish, Sat Aug 26 11:39am
                      but you don't seem to be
                      • The record will show ...Mondo Fuego™ , Sat Aug 26 12:36pm
                        ... Chrissy always attacks me first. Then I have to put him on his place. :)
    • Who the hell is Obama?Mondo Fuego™ , Fri Aug 25 11:12am
      Oh, you mean that "community organizer" who bought his house in South Chicago from a felon? You mean Blago-Felon's friend? That one! I vaguely remember the interloper with the questionable birth... more
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