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The question being, of course...
Fri Aug 25, 2017 11:20am (XFF:


  • Laugh all you want... 😡Contrarian, Fri Aug 25 11:15am
    I'll have the last "I told you so!" Here is a primer on how to create a hurricane. If the link works. And as you can observe in the ingredients all of the particulars are known. From satellites these ... more
    • The question being, of course... — SES, Fri Aug 25 11:20am
      • Warfare.Contrarian, Fri Aug 25 11:48am
        Here is one of the links I screwed up: https;// The parlance is FORCE ENHANCEMENT. I believe they are still experimenting, and honing the skill. Satellites,... more
        • OK. Got it. You're a looney.SES, Mon Aug 28 12:06pm
          Um. You think there's a secret program to develop methods for controlling hurricanes for use as weapons? I heard once something like every time you add another person to a conspiracy, you double the... more
        • PH👀EYContrarian, Fri Aug 25 11:50am
          I just did this link at html practice board. It linked up over there.
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