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Sat Aug 26, 2017 7:49am

  • Harvey update.Contrarian, Sat Aug 26 5:43am
    Storm is stalled.
    • I got lucky....SES, Mon Aug 28 12:39pm
      I spent $502 for round-trip airfare to and from Houston, arriving this Friday. I tried to change it to Austin this morning. United's website was going to charge me a total of $562 to change my... more
      • How old is she?Contrarian, Mon Aug 28 1:38pm
        Austin is more fun. Music, more music. And more livable. You are tenacious so I guess an hour is worth the $60. In the future we shall all say in wonderment..."Oh, you got to talk with a human!"
    • Video of interest: — PH🌪🌪EY, Sat Aug 26 7:49am
      • Here, this important video works.Contrarian, Sat Aug 26 12:36pm
        Approximately 26 minutes. Explain much about our artificially created and manipulated weather. You are gonna love what Harvard Phd Geoengineering expert Dr. David Keith has to say in a Dateline... more
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