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It's the only way to soak Texas
Sun Aug 27, 2017 4:24am

And prevent any Harvey moisture from cooling down our temperatures here in California and bring rain to put out our geoengineered drought caused forest fires. The "ridiculously resilient" high pressure dome that was installed over this region last June is still held in place. The jet stream is held to the north. Nothing gets in from the Pacific nor from Mexico. I live in a temperate rain forest (what is left by the logger-termites from 30 years ago). From the middle of June temperatures here have been mostly triple digits. The next seven day forecast is triple digits with one day forecast at 106F. Thank God the aerosol armada has been mostly absent all summer unlike the past few summer blitzkreigs. The reason is there is no moisture due to the MAJOR high pressure dome. It's a complete blockade. To create fake clouds the terrorists require a moisture field to approach. That is when the psychopaths spray like there is no tomorrow. I do know the beast has moved its operations up to Oregon, Washington, and BC. The reports of massive spraying is not allowed on MSM but people do witness on other venues. Stay cool.

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