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The rain may be far more damaging and deadly.
Sun Aug 27, 2017 9:25am


Like Katrina, this could have long term delay in people getting back to normal. A friend of mine, that has done Hurricane relief work for years, mentions on each trip how he sees more a more wreckage from past hurricanes that does not get rebuilt. It cuts jobs, and drives up rents and living expenses for most people while a few benefit from it, by increasing their profits and gouging the public.

Now those people love disasters, as some people love war, for the profits it gets them. Of course they don't have to pay the price and don't care anything about those hurt by it. Amazing how fast government disaster relief comes for the Wealthy and how generous it is, while how slow it comes, if it comes at all, for everyone else.

  • Harvey update.Contrarian, Sat Aug 26 5:43am
    Storm is stalled.
    • I got lucky....SES, Mon Aug 28 12:39pm
      I spent $502 for round-trip airfare to and from Houston, arriving this Friday. I tried to change it to Austin this morning. United's website was going to charge me a total of $562 to change my... more
      • How old is she?Contrarian, Mon Aug 28 1:38pm
        Austin is more fun. Music, more music. And more livable. You are tenacious so I guess an hour is worth the $60. In the future we shall all say in wonderment..."Oh, you got to talk with a human!"
    • Video of interest:PH🌪🌪EY, Sat Aug 26 7:49am
      • Here, this important video works.Contrarian, Sat Aug 26 12:36pm
        Approximately 26 minutes. Explain much about our artificially created and manipulated weather. You are gonna love what Harvard Phd Geoengineering expert Dr. David Keith has to say in a Dateline... more
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