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Schools create terrorist?
Mon Aug 28, 2017 3:05am

Israel expect reparations but my guess is she will refuse payback via some parsed language about the schools having been built on land not promised to thecPalestinians.

  • Belgium demands compensation from IsraelChristopher Blackwell, Sun Aug 27 9:26pm
    More of that stuff DFM tells us that Israel does not do. Belgium demands compensation from Israel for demolition of donated school equipment in occupied West Bank School facilities donated by... more
    • Schools create terrorist? — Contrarian, Mon Aug 28 3:05am
    • more
      • We sort of know why.Contrarian, Mon Aug 28 3:23am
        Any building is suspect. That is why urban center's are the new war for profit business models. Once the smart cities are on line, the smart bombs and stupid soldiers can destroy the infrastructure... more
        • Israel DOES NOT WANT to take Jordan.DFM, Mon Aug 28 7:46am
          It accepted the 1947 Partition and wants only the areas designated WEST of the Jordan Riven. However, Israel DOES have plans to reconquer Gaza, which was stupidly let go of by Ariel Sharon,... more
          • Jordan will be Israel's by default.Contrarian, Mon Aug 28 1:31pm
            If Jordan was originally a part of the "Promised Land," "fortuitous" events will make it so. Likely Syria, too. Damascus is wiped off the map...a near-future prophecy.
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