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Israel DOES NOT WANT to take Jordan.
Mon Aug 28, 2017 7:46am

It accepted the 1947 Partition and wants only the areas designated WEST of the Jordan Riven.

However, Israel DOES have plans to reconquer Gaza, which was stupidly let go of by Ariel Sharon, unilaterally, without a peace agreement.

It will wait until Hamas makes the first move, and then move in with full mobilization for the purpose of annihilation of Hamas and re-posession of the Gaza Strip. Egypt has offered to construct a Palestinian Homeland on the Sinai Peninsula, which may well be the destination of those current residents of Gaza who refuse to accept Israeli rule.

Israel has a new system already in service called "Iron Beam" which will intercept artillery rockets from both Gaza and Lebanon using high intensity infrared light. Israel does not yet have sufficient batteries in the field, but is adding them steadily. It also has "Iron Dome" which uses small rockets to intercept artillery. Under the shield of its missile defenses, Israel can take its time in re-capturing Gaza.


  • We sort of know why.Contrarian, Mon Aug 28 3:23am
    Any building is suspect. That is why urban center's are the new war for profit business models. Once the smart cities are on line, the smart bombs and stupid soldiers can destroy the infrastructure... more
    • Israel DOES NOT WANT to take Jordan. — DFM, Mon Aug 28 7:46am
      • Jordan will be Israel's by default.Contrarian, Mon Aug 28 1:31pm
        If Jordan was originally a part of the "Promised Land," "fortuitous" events will make it so. Likely Syria, too. Damascus is wiped off the map...a near-future prophecy.
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