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OK. Got it. You're a looney.
Mon Aug 28, 2017 12:06pm (XFF:

Um. You think there's a secret program to develop methods for controlling hurricanes for use as weapons?

I heard once something like every time you add another person to a conspiracy, you double the chances of the conspiracy being revealed.

Imagine the tens of thousands of people who would have to be involved in creating satellites that could be used to shoot laser beams into hurricanes to heat them up and increase their intensity -- or whatever lame-brained thing it is that you're suggesting.

So much nonsense. Puh-leaze.

  • Warfare.Contrarian, Fri Aug 25 11:48am
    Here is one of the links I screwed up: https;// The parlance is FORCE ENHANCEMENT. I believe they are still experimenting, and honing the skill. Satellites,... more
    • OK. Got it. You're a looney. — SES, Mon Aug 28 12:06pm
    • PH👀EYContrarian, Fri Aug 25 11:50am
      I just did this link at html practice board. It linked up over there.
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