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Recovering Trump Supporter
Your reply, was even more flaccid than your original.
Mon Aug 28, 2017 1:39pm

Though I must admit I feel a bit sorry for an elderly person trying to posture up as a tough guy on the internet...chiclet dentures and all. As an aside I'm pretty fond of my mechanical Cherry MX keyboard, grandpa.

  • "He's too cowardly ..." ...Mondo Fuego™, Mon Aug 28 1:30pm
    ... as you hide behind your chiclet keyboard. It was an article from elsewhere that I posted. I think some of the items fit punks like you quite well. LOL
    • Your reply, was even more flaccid than your original. — Recovering Trump Supporter, Mon Aug 28 1:39pm
      • You seem more like ...Mondo Fuego™, Tue Aug 29 3:46am
        ... an athletic supporter:
        • What an amusing tell Mr. Mondo.Recovering Trump Supporter, Tue Aug 29 10:14am
          I'd say the odds I would actually need and use one far exceeds your own. Thanks for the chuckle, grandpa. Have you considered Prevagen? I've heard it might help those with failing wit.
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