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Here's an example of how stupid these kinds of claims are.
Tue Aug 29, 2017 5:51am (XFF:

I saw a story on FaceBook titled something like "Archeology Provides Evidence of Samson Story!"

OK. Cool. Maybe they've found real evidence that a man with superhuman strength actually existed and toppled a temple by pushing apart two pillars.

Uh. No.

They found a temple that had two pillars. They admit that it isn't THE temple. Just A temple that MIGHT be SIMILAR to the temple that Samson supposedly toppled.

And that discovery is supposed to rock the foundations of biblical history or something.

Such ridiculous nonsense.

Like I said, unless it's Science Fiction, it isn't uncommon for fictional stories to reference real people, real places, real events. So finding an inscription that proves that a character in the bible actual existed should cause a reaction of "Yeah? So?"


  • As I have stated many times before, the History recorded in the Hebrew Bible is quite accurate, although not necessarily perfect. In particular, the people mentioned were absolutely real . Of course, ... more
    • Here's an example of how stupid these kinds of claims are. — SES, Tue Aug 29 5:51am
    • ..."Atlanta". Independent verification has also been discovered proving that a battle of some kind was fought at a location called "Gettysburg" in which thousands and thousands of men were killed and ... more
      • You miss the point entirely.DFM, Mon Aug 28 10:07pm
        Nobody claims that the minor characters of legend were real. But the KINGS are quite different. They DID exist as stated in the Hebrew Bible. Inscriptions bear their names. It is analogous to finding ... more
    • Prophecy is for real.Contrarian, Mon Aug 28 3:02am
      You have the best example in the resurrection of latter-day Israel.
      • prophecy come true, but there are so many that failed miserably, that I must chalk this up to coincidence. DFM
        • Yes, you have exampled a few "failures."Contrarian, Mon Aug 28 1:19pm
          My non-scholarly opinion is they have not occurred yet. The timing was not ripe.
        • (KJV is used below.) God says that David's kingdom will last forever. It didn't of course. It was entirely destroyed about 400 years after Solomon's death, never to be rebuilt. Even upon returning... more
          • According to my Southern Baptist inculcationsContrarian, Mon Aug 28 1:26pm
            David is a metaphor for The Lord. Jesus Christ Lord is to return at the exquisite height of the Battle of Armageddon, the Second install the rule over this earth via the House of David.... more
            • What is the purpose of prophecy?SES, Tue Aug 29 10:27am
              I like the one where jesus told everyone that some of those present would be there -- still be alive -- when he returned. Now here we are 2017 years later and -- no jesus. Have you seen the... more
              • The thing I wonder is whether or not theseSprout, Tue Aug 29 7:29pm
                charismatic religious leaders who crop up occasionally through history KNOW that they are simply scam artists? Or were they genuinely insane individuals who believed that they themselves were... more
              • But it is a tribute to the integrity of the authors and copying scribes of the New Testament that they left this verse in despite the fact that it had failed. DFM
                • So then that means that either...SES, Wed Aug 30 6:19am
                  ...they did not accurately write down what jesus said, which makes the entirety of everything that they wrote suspect, or... ...they just made it up, which again makes the entirety of everything that ... more
              • A typo?Contrarian, Tue Aug 29 11:25am
                So there are a few imponderables. Big deal. Prophecy is all about THE PLAN. It's the presient future laid out for those with an eye to see and an ear to hear. I believe it. And I am not easily... more
                • A "typo". lol. That's a new one.SES, Tue Aug 29 11:43am
                  "For the Son of Man is going to come in the glory of His Father with His angels, and will then repay every man according to his deeds. Truly I say to you, there are some of those who are standing... more
            • 16 And thine house and thy kingdom shall be established for ever before thee: thy throne shall be established for ever. Your interpretation is rather forced. DFM
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