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Does not match "Third Holiest Place".
Tue Aug 29, 2017 8:03am

The reality is that Jerusalem was pretty much ignored in Islam until 1920s. There were few pilgrimages. Proof is the utter absence of hostelries before that time, compared to the huge number in Mecca Arabia. If it were so important, there would have been decent roads as well. There were not.

Also, "Third Holiest Place" did begin in 1920s.

Also, Jerusalem was the HOLIEST place for Hebrews since 1000 BCE, 1600 years before Muhammad. It was OURS FIRST.

Islam steals holy places from everybody else. There is no clearer example than Hagia Sophia.


  • What About...Amadeus, Tue Aug 29 7:13am
    The most holy spot on earth is Syria; the most holy spot in Syria is Palestine; the most holy spot in Palestine is Jerusalem; the most holy spot in Jerusalem is the Mountain; the most holy spot in... more
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