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You still miss the point: History of Hebrew Bible Is Valid.
Tue Aug 29, 2017 8:18am

I am talking about history, not fiction. It would be impossible to twist reality backwards in the way that the Wellhausen school imagines.

Example: It would be impossible to create a believable legend that Robert E Lee was President of the Confederacy, or that the Confederacy actually won the Civil War.

The historical books of the Hebrew Bible were written shortly (circa a century or less) after the events described. If they had been inaccurate, they could never have been accepted for the canon. Also, these stories are very unflattering for the Israelites. Israelite kings are portrayed, for the most part, as thugs. Wars were usually lost by Israelites. In general, people do not create unflattering stories about their ancestors.

As more archeological evidence accumulates, the generally valid historicity of the Hebrew Bible is being confirmed. I speak in general terms. There were doubtless errors, but few if any were major.

Of course, I refer to real historical events and not miracles. As Hume succinctly put it, "No testimony is sufficient to establish a miracle." But some historical events may have misinterpreted as miracles by the people of those times.


  • And why is that surprising?SES, Tue Aug 29 5:44am
    Why wouldn't fictional stories include the names of real Kings?
    • You still miss the point: History of Hebrew Bible Is Valid. — DFM, Tue Aug 29 8:18am
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