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Is There Some Special, Magical Significance...
Tue Aug 29, 2017 8:37am (XFF: being the third holiest place as opposed to be the holiest place? Or the second? Or the fourth?

As a faith that descends through Abraham, it has a lineage that gives it as much claim on all those sites as Judaism and Christianity. *shrug*

If a place is a holy place, does it not belong to the god(s) rather than to US? If it needs to be defended, will not the god(s) defend it?

In my opinion, there is nothing holy about a place except the holiness that a person brings to a place - and that holiness leaves that place when the person leaves.


  • Does not match "Third Holiest Place".DFM, Tue Aug 29 8:03am
    The reality is that Jerusalem was pretty much ignored in Islam until 1920s. There were few pilgrimages. Proof is the utter absence of hostelries before that time, compared to the huge number in Mecca ... more
    • No doubt the Jes have laid claimContrarian, Tue Aug 29 11:15am
      On Jerusalem way way before the other usurpers of Islam and Christianity. I would not argue that Jerusalem is not owned by the Jews. And practically speaking the Jews control Jerusalem. And have... more
      • Israel wants to live within its borders in peace and rule only itself. The notion of a country the size of a postage stamp ruling the region or World is preposterous. Look at this map. No sane person ... more
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