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Jesus was descended from David on his MOTHER'S SIDE!
Tue Aug 29, 2017 2:41pm

However, royal inheritance was, in those days, exclusively patrilineal.

If you follow the NT literally, Joseph was not the father of Jesus. Joseph WAS, according to the text, a patrilineal descendant of David.

If you are willing to accept the obvious conclusion that the father of Jesus was Joseph, the husband of Jesus' mother, then Jesus did have a (possible) claim to the throne through his father, but then he was not the literal Son of God, as Christian Theology requires.

Take your choice: Messiah with human father, or non-Messiah with Divine father. You can't have both.


  • My inculcations tell me Jesus was related to DavidContrarian , Tue Aug 29 11:36am
    When we Protestsnts think of David as "King" we know it's Jesus. Not the historical King David per se. The Bible is riddled with reference to David as well as a few major Christmas choral classics.... more
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