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Then how can you say things are okay?
Wed Aug 30, 2017 5:43am

Sounds like hell to me. Water waist deep around your area. Putting a smile and up spirit is not going to get you high and dry. Yo do seem plucky which is ideal for a castrophe. No whining. I admire that since it's my opposite.

  • The water came over my doorsills this morning about 7am. It was about waist deep getting across the street. Had to leave my truck at home, but it's high enough it should be OK. Gotta keep life... more
    • Then how can you say things are okay? — Contrarian, Wed Aug 30 5:43am
      • I'm not greedy...Sprout, Wed Aug 30 7:53am
        I a healthy. I am not injured or dead. I have a place to stay that is high and dry. Am I THRILLED that my home is flooded? Of course not. But I do know the steps I need to take moving forward to... more
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