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My guess is that the fable of god impregnating Mary...
Wed Aug 30, 2017 7:36am (XFF:

...came AFTER the fable of Jesus' birth.

I mean, none of these fables were written down for many many decades after they supposedly happened, so who knows WHEN each fable was created.

So at first it was important to establish a descendancy from David to Joseph, who was at first recognized as jesus' BIOLOGICAL father.

It was only LATER that the fable of god, and NOT Joseph, being jesus' biological father, was created. And that was when the zealots created a descendancy from David to MARY, so they could explain how the prophecy had been fulfilled, even though it was absurd in those times to show MATERNAL descendancy.

Both lineages were kept in the NT for god-only-knows what reason, since the descendancy to Joseph is obviously unnecessary, since he wasn't really jesus' father.

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