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Trump Is the Master of the Art of the Deal
Wed Aug 30, 2017 9:13am

He even thins he can successfully appease Putin.

That is why y'all voted for him.

  • Recently, two announcements regarding Afghanistan and the Arab-Israeli conflict suggested that the Trump... more
    • Yes, way past time. Pull out of the ME!Contrarian, Wed Aug 30 6:16pm
      Get out of the war for profit scam that disgraces the name of the REAL Americans. Tell Israel to make a deal or we fold our tent and go home. This foreign policy blunder has isolated the US. The... more
    • Trump Is the Master of the Art of the Deal — Merlin, Wed Aug 30 9:13am
      • Not why I voted for him.DFM, Wed Aug 30 9:34am
        He is a pragmatist, and when plan A fails (as it will) he will NOT keep pursing it like Clinton, Bush, & Obama. He will try something else, plan B. THAT is why I voted for him. DFM
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