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Mondo Fuego
I bet you will quit within a month
Wed Aug 30, 2017 9:24am

Dead-end job.

  • I started a new job.Ken C, Mon Aug 28 8:24pm
    I'm driving all over Los Angeles meeting nice people and driving them wherever they want to go. The pay is not very good, but I like driving. I like how I can choose my own hours. I live in a boring... more
    • Being happy doing what you do for a living is a major plus... Hopefully, it's enough to pay the bills and enough to enjoy your free time off too... If so, what's not to love if you're happy with it?... more
      • Nice.Edmund, Wed Aug 30 10:05pm
        Above we have a sanctimonious poseur going through the grandstanding motions of trying to "rally the R&E troops" with the words "Let's see how big your hearts are" who followed up in true form by... more
        • Are you denying it's a dead-end job?Mondo Fuego, Wed Aug 30 11:14pm
          Telling it like it is doesn't make me a bad person. Ken is too bright to do that for any length of time. Would you want your kids doing that job?
        • You should have been on my board a few years agoMondo Fuego, Wed Aug 30 11:05pm
          You would have seen a contrast daily meltdown between the fake and the real.
          • Nah.Edmund, Thu Aug 31 8:52pm
            I'm still trying to scrub out the stink from having dipped my toes in that sewage more than a few years ago.
    • I bet you will quit within a month — Mondo Fuego, Wed Aug 30 9:24am
    • Uber? (nm)Contrarian, Tue Aug 29 11:19am
      • No, Lyft,Ken, Tue Aug 29 3:18pm
        I could easily switch to Uber if I want.
    • I hated Los AngelesSES, Tue Aug 29 10:30am
      When I was in the Marines stationed at 29 Palms, I used to drive to Los Angeles when the Mets were playing the Dodgers. I never had much trouble with the traffic, except right around Dodger Stadium.... more
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