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Neither is 7'2' 140 lbs, fat old man.
Wed Aug 30, 2017 11:03am

If you could read at a 3rd grade level you would know that "so far as this exchange is concerned, you are hereby disenabled, troll" in the thread down the page refers to an exchange other than this one.

Just shows that you are the owner of a sub-3rd grade reading level.

  • 6'1" 195 lbs ain't zackly "fat" ...Mondo Fuego, Wed Aug 30 9:21am
    ... turd breath. I am not "old" either ... I am "chronologically enhanced". I thought you didn't respond to my posts. Just shows that I own you. LOL
    • Neither is 7'2' 140 lbs, fat old man. — Edmund, Wed Aug 30 11:03am
      • They are the clearest possible example of the maxim: Source: DFM
        • Why am I not surprisedEdmund, Thu Aug 31 11:46am
          that you raise not a word of protest regarding the personal calumnies spewed by the MoFo? BTW, cute saying, but it's very very easy to combine logical argument and insult in a single post, and I've... more
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