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I'm not sure that is necessarily false...
Wed Aug 30, 2017 1:42pm

I would write a PURE FICTION novel, knowing full well that it is entirely a work of fiction, yet set my fictional story in the time of the Czars in Russia. I could even narrow it down to happening in the time of Czar Nicholas. But the fact that I tell a story of a modern day time traveler visiting Russia and even visiting the court of Czar Nicholas doesn't make my story not fiction. It is still a STORY made up out of the whole cloth.

I don't think it is necessary for a writer to create an entirely new fictional universe for his/her work to be fiction.

And just because I set my work during the time of Czar Nicholas and Czar Nicholas was real does NOT offer the slightest shred of credibility to my story itself. IF I wanted to say my story was actually MORE than fiction, I would have to do a lot more than just point out that Czar Nicholas actually existed. Because the fact that Czar Nicholas actually existed has no bearing on whether or not the premise that the local blacksmith named Sprout was not in fact a local and was in fact a time traveler from the year 2024 is actually true or not.

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