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The second front started on D-day...
Wed Aug 30, 2017 5:56pm

I would think that consolidating Europe as a whole before engaging the US would have given him a lot better chance of resisting a trans-atlantic invasion.

This would have included securing Soviet natural resources.

Yet he went from RELATIVELY humble beginnings to ruling what was unquestionably the most powerful military on the planet. Yes, he made some large scale blunders, but you don't achieve all he DID achieve politically by being stupid.

IMO attacking the USSR but leaving the US out of it until he had secured the Soviet Union for his own nation would have left him NOT dependent on imported oil. And potentially made it FAR more difficult for the Allies to dislodge.

And by delaying, he could have also potentially finished his pogroms in Germany and western Europe, and even advanced them significantly in Russia before ever engaging the US militarily.

Now, I don't know if he would have been able to convince the Japanese to hold off, and leaving the US to focus solely on Japan might have not been acceptable to his allies. IMO forcing the US to fight multiple fronts pushed our industrial capacity right to its limits.

  • My responses in detail.DFM, Wed Aug 30 5:20pm
    But was he required to attack the USSR at that time? It was whenever his psychotic mind said to do it. IMO he certainly miscalculated his nations ability to fight a two front war, especially through... more
    • The second front started on D-day... — Sprout, Wed Aug 30 5:56pm
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