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Well done... (nm)
Wed Aug 30, 2017 7:30pm

  • Empathy must be learned. Opinion: A Big-Spending Liberal Is a Conservative Who Has Been Flooded Hurricane Harvey challenges Republican party by Walter Shapiro Ronald Reagan began a 1986 press... more
    • Well done... (nm) — Sia☺giah, Wed Aug 30 7:30pm
    • ..claimed that Cruz was lying about the Sandy Aid Bill being loaded up with "pork" unrelated to Sandy, and then quoted someone admitting that the Sandy Aid Bill being had been loaded up with "pork"... more
      • The classic political argument...Sprout, Wed Aug 30 7:48am
        If you don't want MY solution to a problem, MY bill to solve the problem, you MUST therefore not want the problem solved AT ALL. If I didn't like the Affordable Care Act, and in fact opposed it, the... more
    • I'm going to rip the carpet out myself...Sprout, Wed Aug 30 6:00am
      I'll let the landlord handle the sheetrock when he is ready. I won't be running to FEMA for a debit card just because they are willing to give me one. Let's see if the Dems try to load up any Harvey... more
      • My house is at an elevation of 152 feet. The creek that runs behind the houses across the street is at an elevation of 108 feet. I think I'm good.
      • Good for youJeeves, Wed Aug 30 6:55am
        " Let's see if the Dems try to load up any Harvey relief bill with unrelated spending. " That would be sleazy. Who would even propose doing something like that? Donald J. Trump‏ ... more
    • Okay, through all this rhetoric there is much BS.Contrarian, Wed Aug 30 5:09am
      Fund relief from man made weather catastrophes by funding EACH calamity for clean up and relief efforts after the event. One at a time, money appropriated as needed.....which nowadays seems like one... more
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