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Pretty much he HAS.
Wed Aug 30, 2017 9:21pm

Just in one area, the UN.

He has kicked the UN in the butt.

He has called it the bunch of anti-Israel liars and thugs that it is.

He has cut funding for a number of UN fake agencies.

He has put increasing diplomatic pressure on North Korea by getting China and Russia to agree to sanctions. This is a step in the direction of forcing China & Russia to disassociate from North Korea altogether. China has already announced that if NK strikes at the USA, China will leave NK to its fate.

Most importantly, Trump is in the process of de-legitimizing the "Palestinian Authority", a first step toward peace. Trump is going through the usual ritual of inviting Fatah to make peace. Unlike previous presidents, after the usual rejection of USA overtures by the Fakestanian thugs, Trump will give Israel the Green Light to extirpate that plague. USA will twist the arms of Arab countries to accept this. Already, Saudi Arabia has an office and an unofficial ambassador in Israel.

It will take a few more months, and then Fatah will be no more. Then it will be the turn of Hamas to be destroyed.


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