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We should raise taxes and spend more on education
Wed Aug 30, 2017 9:37pm

Also we should let parents choose a school. I'm pro choice.

  • Did you ever "diagram sentences"?Mondo Fuego™, Wed Aug 30 2:09pm
    Wasn't it fun? With the widespread misuse and abuse of the English language prevalent today amongst the unedumacated "ordinary" citizens (as BoZo called 'em), it probably would not be possible to... more
    • I never learned how to diagram sentences.Ken C, Wed Aug 30 10:17pm
      It looks fun. Sometimes when explaining complex things, I'd rather use a diagram than a normal English sentence. Do people ever draw the diagram first, then write the sentence? That's what I'd like... more
    • absolutelyTrish, Wed Aug 30 3:52pm
      focus on the use of active language, grammar, textual order...I get frustrated at work when I see a hanging participial
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