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Wed Aug 30, 2017 10:05pm

Above we have a sanctimonious poseur going through the grandstanding motions of trying to "rally the R&E troops" with the words "Let's see how big your hearts are" who followed up in true form by taking a "bet you will quit [that dead-end job] within a month" dump on the nice little boost in Ken's spirits provided by the recent change in his life. And now here you are, Sia, illustrating just how deep is the contrast between the fake and the real. Love it.

  • Being happy doing what you do for a living is a major plus... Hopefully, it's enough to pay the bills and enough to enjoy your free time off too... If so, what's not to love if you're happy with it?... more
    • Nice. — Edmund, Wed Aug 30 10:05pm
      • Are you denying it's a dead-end job?Mondo Fuego, Wed Aug 30 11:14pm
        Telling it like it is doesn't make me a bad person. Ken is too bright to do that for any length of time. Would you want your kids doing that job?
      • You should have been on my board a few years agoMondo Fuego, Wed Aug 30 11:05pm
        You would have seen a contrast daily meltdown between the fake and the real.
        • Nah.Edmund, Thu Aug 31 8:52pm
          I'm still trying to scrub out the stink from having dipped my toes in that sewage more than a few years ago.
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