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I agree in general, but take exception to the example
Thu Aug 31, 2017 7:04am

of the European Union. It is totally anti-democratic.

European Union is NOT run by the European Parliament composed of national leaders. The European Parliament is a mere figurehead with almost no power. The European Union is, in reality, run by the European Commission, a non-elected board of bureaucrats subject to absolutely no restraint on its power. Its members are nominated by the non-elected Council of the European Union. The entire organization has an interlocking byzantine power structure. The entire EU operates as a self-selecting organization, wherein each body selects the members of the other bodies and none of these bodies is subject to any outside authority.

It is like the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy: The Cardinals select the Pope and the Pope selects the Cardinals. The will of the World's Roman Catholics is nowhere to be felt.

Likewise, the European Union is the worst possible organization and is subject to no higher authority whatsoever, and there is nowhere in the organization that the will of the European Peoples can be felt. It is utterly undemocratic and has not a single publicly elected position with any power whatsoever.

If there is to be a world federation of nations, then it must be subject to direct control by the Peoples of its member states.


  • secular law, world governmentSen McGlinn, Thu Aug 31 1:28am
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