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Evil Results of "Transexuality" Hoax!!!
Sun Sep 10, 2017 10:11pm

When a man marries a women he has the absolute right to know for sure that she IS, in fact, a woman.

Belgian discovers his wife used to be a man after 19 years
A Belgian is seeking to have his marriage annulled after discovering that his Indonesian wife of 19 years had been born a man.

By Bruno Waterfield, Brussels 3:47PM GMT 26 Nov 2012

The man, only named as Jan, married Monica, his family's former au pair in a previous marriage, in 1993 despite legal difficulties raised by the Belgian immigration authorities.

But it was only in recent weeks that he discovered that his wife had originally been a man and had undergone a sex change.

"I feel I've been assaulted," he told the Het Nieuwsblad newspaper.

"I brought her to Belgium. That was not easy. The Belgian courts had serious doubts about the authenticity of her birth and her identity papers, but eventually they accepted it anyway. I thought she was an attractive woman, all woman. She had no male traits."

Jan, 64, said that he and his wife had decided not to have children because he had two by his previous marriage and she fooled him by pretending to menstruate, using sanitary towels, "to conceal the truth".

IMHO, fake woman should be jailed for life alongside the fake doctor who performed the "transsexual" surgery and the crooks who provided the fake documentation. I also propose to ban the entire procedure since it is a hoax and a fraud.


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