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Muslims PROUDLY Destroy Roman Catholic Church
Mon Sep 11, 2017 1:10pm

    • How is that different from our ChristiansChristopher Blackwell, Tue Sep 12 9:02am
      DFM, Who burn down Mosques, vandalize Jewish cemeteries, or burn down Black Churches, or kill fellow Christians in their Churches, or Israeli bomb Mosques. It is the same crime, no matter who is... more
    • Nobody on this board cares ...Mondo Fuego™ , Mon Sep 11 6:14pm
      ... what we have here is a bunch of alt-liberal muzzie sympathizers who hate America, Christianity ... and me. ;) The worst is filthy-mouth Ebmumb PudWhacker, followed by Sleazy Jeeves, Recovering... more
      • Nice strawman you are creatingChristopher Blackwell, Tue Sep 12 9:07am
        Mondo Fuego™, But no one here is anything like that. Their only crime is not letting you order them around and not agreeing with you. So then you throw you endless tantrums. Do you actually think... more
      • Been waiting and waiting and waiting and ...Edmund, Mon Sep 11 7:59pm
        ... waiting for the jewnatic to follow up with a joke. Isn't that what he does? Tells jokes about people while their places of worship are being vandalized or burnt to the ground? Maybe he doesn't... more
        • P.S.Edmund, Mon Sep 11 9:25pm
          Hey, look at the idiot down there. Think I should inform him that no one by the name of Ebmumb PudWhacker posts on this board?
        • Want to come visit me, Ebmumb PudWhacker??Mondo Fuego™ , Mon Sep 11 9:10pm
          Say I give you my address. Want to come visit me like you threatened to do. What might I expect when you knock on my door? A clown with a bunch of Stanford pennants, pom-poms and drink cups? What?
          • You could go get him in your Waaaaaambulance.Recovering Trump Supporter, Tue Sep 12 12:24am
            Why are you jealous of Stanford and younger virile men? Getting old sucks, right?
            • Why do you poseurs ...Mondo Fuego™ , Tue Sep 12 3:19am
              ... live vicariously through an institution which was, is, and forever shall be far beyond your intellectual, financial and social means? With my education, I have no reason to be jealous of any... more
              • Why do elderly folks live 'vicariously' on the internet?Recovering Trump Supporter, Tue Sep 12 10:02am
                'With your education'...apparently the education your parents paid for was wasted.
                • Sounds like a bypassed high school jock Jeeves, Tue Sep 12 10:38am
                  longing for some imagined "glory days". Judging by his math skills, any education has been long lost in the wastelands of dementia. Best just to ignore him.
                • You don't have a clue what I do ...Mondo Fuego™ , Tue Sep 12 10:16am
                  ... but I am damn good at taunting little insignificant punks like you. I mean, look at you ... like a puppy, lapping it up. BTW, as a hobby, I founded and operate a highly successful board:... more
                  • You 'founded and operate a highyly successful board'Recovering Trump Supporter., Tue Sep 12 12:02pm
                    That is mighty impressive...for all 5 regulars. Does that really count? I'm very impressed at how impressed you are with yourself. A master at juvenile taunts! Good one, Bill.
                    • What do you have to your credit?Mondo Fuego™ , Tue Sep 12 2:45pm
                      I suspect not much.
                    • Far more than 5Mondo Fuego™ , Tue Sep 12 2:43pm
                      Many of the same sane people who post here ... emphasis on "sane". This board is not blessed with regulars. Many posters have long since departed.
              • Mondo Fuego™ , speaking of poseurs here, that includes you. (nm)Christopher Blackwell, Tue Sep 12 9:11am
              • Not a MoFo's chance in hell of that being any more true than any of your other imaginings in this post, but I've no doubt you've convinced yourself of that absurdity.
                • PudWhacker ...Mondo Fuego™ , Tue Sep 12 10:12am
                  ... some of us have academic prowess ... others, like you, do not. I graduated 3rd in my class at The McCallie School for Boys in Chattanooga, Tennessee, a top-notch Prep School. That, my friend (and ... more
                • P.S.Edmund, Tue Sep 12 5:23am
                  Not that it matters. The only world that revolves around Mondolt is the one that exists between his ears.
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