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Remembering the victims of WTC .
Mon Sep 11, 2017 7:19pm

Israel did it. What can further be said? Lots, but few will. It's easier to allow our brains to be checkmated by propaganda, lies, than to deal with a very very very uncomfortable truth. Of course when one says Israel one has to realize their connivers did not act alone. But collusion was the facilitator. One must give credit, too, for the brilliance of this greatest con in human history. It's was not just a gigantic piece of performance art, but was in fact a intellectual achievement of no small note. Imagine how much thought went into this betrayal of Babylon, those who sold their souls to the Beast. One good reason for the creation of our military-security state is to make sure the perpetraitors never go on trial for their treason and mass murder and mayhem. The MSM is utterly complicit in the coverup, and guilty of assistance. Meanwhile the same monsters take us to their planned destruction of Babylon by provoking nuclear nations to rid themselves of the teetering giant. Pay attention! They aim to get us destroyed.

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