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Mondo Fuego™
How many of you will be buying the new Apple iPhone
Tue Sep 12, 2017 11:46am

at $1000?

What a boondoggle!

Samsung is still eating Apple's lunch.

My 4-year-old Motorola Android-based SmartPhone still does everything I need, plus it has a slide-out keyboard (in addition to the screen keypad) to facilitate editing voice-to-text. My phone service is i-Wireless through Kroger, and I get free minutes for grocery shopping. The phone cost $39, and my service costs $10/quarter.

Unlike most yuppies who fantasize about Stanford, I don't spend a lot of time nervously fidgeting with a phone. Only when needed, I use if for texting, eMail, googling locations, maps and general information. It's a tool, not a therapeutic implement.

    • I like my phones to be simple, take phone calls.Christopher Blackwell, Wed Sep 13 6:51pm
      Mondo Fuego™, With only one exception, I rarely spend more than one or two minutes on any phone call.
    • I hate Microsoft.
    • NO WAY! (nm)jb, Tue Sep 12 2:30pm
    • Not a chance...Sprout, Tue Sep 12 1:57pm
      I have never been much of an early adopter type anyway when it comes to electronics, and have no desire to have the latest and greatest of gadgets. So, even if the new iPhone had some features I... more
    • Not a chance.Poppet, Tue Sep 12 12:25pm
      Let's just say I'm not an Apple fan, and leave it at that. I'm an LG user, phone-wise. I love my V10, and I'll likely get the new V30 fairly soon. I'm not a compulsive phone scroller/social media... more
      • I Really Liked Samsung...Amadeus, Tue Sep 12 1:20pm
        ...until they started clamping down on the customization options to try to mimic Apple's prescribed aesthetic package. I have a Moto Z Force now. I like it, but not enough to capture me to the... more
        • The Moto phones look really nice.Poppet, Tue Sep 12 6:07pm
          I'm not a huge brand loyalist when it comes to phones. I like my LG a lot...but if I decide something other than that new V30 looks better, I wouldn't hesitate a moment to switch.
          • MotoGuzzis look really nice too ;)Mondo Fuego™ , Tue Sep 12 9:10pm
            • That they do.Poppet, Wed Sep 13 7:57am
              That Stelvio, like most large displacement adventure bikes, is much too big and tall for me. But Guzzi has great styling and a lot of character. I'm not sure how much longer they'll be able to get... more
      • the kids laugh at my phoneTrish, Tue Sep 12 12:57pm
        It receives calls, sends calls, has a phone number list, alarm and some changes in ring tone. That is it. Costs 10$ a month to maintain. Yeah me!
        • Can't argue with that monthly cost!Poppet, Tue Sep 12 6:10pm
          I do like my smartphone, though...largely for the aforementioned travel reasons. On some trips, I don't need a laptop (I deliberately reduce my internet time on recreational trips), so I like being... more
        • A phone is a phoneMondo Fuego™ , Tue Sep 12 1:31pm
          although it's nice to have texting and eMail. The rest of the stuff is nice but not essential. My cheap Motorola has everything I need, including banking, remote check deposit, bill pay, real-time... more
    • It was simply AWFUL. Inconvenient! Clumsy! I will never by an iPhone. DFM
    • Fascinating how your jealousy over Stanford...Recovering Trump Supporter, Tue Sep 12 11:53am
      This board is your 'fidget'. You are a very queer duck, Bill.
      • I never mentioned Stanford until Poseur PudWhacker ...Mondo Fuego™ , Tue Sep 12 12:13pm
        ... started vicariously touting its virtues. I am perfectly content with McCallie, Vanderbilt and Case-Western Reserve, all highly-competitive schools. I was also good enough to be on the faculty of... more
        • Bill, your reply is just plain sad.Recovering Trump Supporter, Tue Sep 12 3:14pm
          Really, sad.
          • Well ...Mondo Fuego™ , Tue Sep 12 4:28pm
            ... go cry your fu cking head off, stooge.
        • I am so happy to have a high school education.PH😂😂EU, Tue Sep 12 1:52pm
          Y'all can tout yall's accolades all y'all want to. I just sits back in my rocker, eat my grits, ham, and black eyed pees, and laugh and laugh at the notion higher education is higher than than my... more
          • College is not for everyone ...Mondo Fuego™ , Tue Sep 12 2:37pm
            ... trade school is looking more and more attractive for millennials. A top-notch tool & die specialist can earn a decent living. After moving into a supervisory position, one can earn over $100K.... more
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