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Pop Quiz
Thu Sep 14, 2017 7:14am

1a. Which artist painted "La Ghirlandata"?
1b. What was his nationality?

2. Write the chemical reaction equation that shows the conversion of sugar into ethyl alcohol (as in "booze").

3. Who was Chopin's alleged lover, and what was her occupation?

4. What is a "marsupial", and give 3 examples.

5. How many Sonatas did Beethoven write, and which one is the most famous?

6. If you flew from Los Angeles to Reno, in which direction would you be going?

7. What is the only state that you can travel East into a state that is West of it, South into a state that is North of it, West into a state that is East of it, and North into a state that is South of it?

8. What is the deepest part of the ocean, how deep is it, and where is it?

9. What is Tanzanite?

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