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SES answering your question
Sun Oct 8, 2017 3:30pm;article=1594724;title=Religion%20and%20Ethics%20BBS

I am a Christian, SES. The lynchpin of Christianity is the virgin birth,death, and resurrection
of Christ, a miracle. The Bible is replete with God acting miraculously, the creation, Moses
dividing the Red Sea so that the Israelis could safely go to the other side, Jonah and the 'Big Fish'
If God could do any of these miracles there's no reason to suppose that Noah's Ark is not equally a
miracle performed by God. So until the day someone can disprove any of these miracles, there's no
reason to quit believing what the Bible teaches.

For some people it's just a book of stories that we're supposed to read to make us be better people.

But that's only believed by those who aren't truly knowledgeable about the Bible in its entirety, or
who basically just don't believe and aren't honest enough to admit it. I believe it.

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