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The Bible is a Spiritual Book and if you take it too literal
Sun Oct 8, 2017 4:59pm

ly, you lose the Spirit and turn the Bible into a magic show, "Look, I can make a snake talk!" Miracles happen every day! But, finding the Spiritual meaning is what the Bible is about. I know nobody will agree with me but I'm used to that. Believing a fish swallowed a man is not what the Bible is about. Being strong because you don't cut your hair is not what the Bible is about. It about Covenants and obeying Covenants. It's about Prophecies about the Messiah.

Jesus went to Heaven when He died! Why would He come back for His body? "The flesh is of no avail." We go to Heaven or Hell when we die, we don't wait for Judgment Day.

All I am saying is understand the Spirit. The snake talking Eve into eating the fruit is about obedience to God, snakes don't talk. Ask God for guidance as I have.

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