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My Suggestion: A Way Out For The NFL...
Wed Oct 11, 2017 8:04am (XFF:

The NFL is going to meet, and it seems likely that they are going to institute stricter rules about the anthem protests. Some on the side of the protesters have spoken up recently, as well, about the effectiveness of the protest, given all the misrepresentation that has been done by some on the right (i.e. the whole "disrespecting the flag" business). While I personally think that the players hold the power in this situation, and that the league would end up paying a steep price for attempting to police the situation, there IS a way out here, for everyone.

The NFL could sit down with player representatives and suggest an alternative. Instead of a fragmented message being carried by an erratic protest, the league could put together a foundation, supply some seed money, and launch a series of advertisements to play during games and public service announcements that would play right before the anthem or right after it in stadiums. These would highlight the issues that the players want to see addressed - excessive police violence and racial inequality. And the foundation would be working on practical efforts to make a difference.

Something like NFL Play60, the effort aimed at getting kids to be more active.

This could be pitched to the protesters as a way to amp up the protests and turn them into something more organized and more effective. It could be pitched to those who (mistakenly) regard the protests as disrespectful as a way to turn those protests into something less disrespectful. It could take the discussion OFF the respect/disrespect topic and focus it on the topics the protesters are protesting. And, it could provide a channel for action.

That's my suggestion.


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