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Trump sits, talks and jokes during flag ceremony?
Thu Oct 12, 2017 9:18am

But that's okay. His fans laughed and cheered.
'Are they playing that for you or for me?': Trump appears confused about military tradition during interview with Sean Hannity

President Donald Trump appeared confused about a longstanding military tradition on Wednesday night.

While speaking with Fox News' Sean Hannity at an Air National Guard hangar in Middletown, Pennsylvania, Trump paused as loudspeakers began playing the tune, "Retreat," in the distance.

It's part of a firmly rooted tradition that predates the American Revolutionary War; the US military tune signals the start and end of the official duty day.

"What a nice sound that is," Trump said, as the tune began playing. "Are they playing that for you or for me?"

"They're playing that in honor of his ratings," Trump quipped, answering his own question to Hannity. "He's beating everybody."

When the American flag is lowered and raised on US military installations, a bugle blares on loudspeakers as service members and civilians pay their respects to the flag.

Uniformed service members located outside of a building are required to stop and salute the flag, while civilians are required to place their hand over their heart. The tradition also requires service members who are driving vehicles on a military base to pull over and render a salute.

Members of the audience could be seen standing up during the ceremony:

Trump's apparent confusion about the military exercise follows weeks of rebukes from the president about NFL players who kneel during the national anthem in protest of racial injustice and police brutality. Trump has frequently called the peaceful demonstration, which is protected by the First Amendment, a sign of disrespect for the flag, US troops, and the national anthem.

What sort of training did he receive at the New York Military Academy?

    • Nobody on a military base who is INSIDE A BUILDING is required to stand or stop what they're doing when "Retreat" is being played on the base loudspeakers. For example -- I just got back from Combat... more
      • Different bases, I supposeJeeves, Thu Oct 12 11:21am
        At Fort A. P. Hill, we had to come to attention no matter where we were.
        • More fake news, huh?Mondo Fuego*, Thu Oct 12 12:40pm
          Hard to believe MathBoy was in any branch of the military. You sure that wasn't the drill at Sheriff Joe Arpaio's prison ranch.
        • ...thru 2014. We were never required to stop what we were doing and stand during "Retreat" when inside a building. I've never heard of that being a requirement ever. Not in the Marines from 1983 to... more
        • When was this?Sprout, Thu Oct 12 11:32am
          I've been either in uniform or working on and off bases for the military for about 24 years at this point, and I have never seen folks stop and render honors when under cover.
          • 2005Jeeves, Thu Oct 12 11:39am
            I was a visitor, along with about 37,000 Boy Scouts. That was included in our list of procedures to be followed, and the Army personnel present followed it as well. Maybe things were hyper-patriotic... more
    • MathBoy, RIF. Trump was INSIDE a building. (nm)Mondo Fuego*, Thu Oct 12 10:14am
      • Flag protocolJeeves, Thu Oct 12 11:19am
        Okay, I'll give you some attention. Honoring colors has sacred meaning It’s a sound that can be heard loud and clear from parts of the installation, yet some people in the closest proximity to its... more
        • MathBoy, amazing ... You can Google. How novel.Mondo Fuego*, Thu Oct 12 12:33pm
          Thank you for your valuable contribution. And thanks for your feeble attempt to malign your President. Now, fu ck off. Tootles.
          • ok what exactly was incorrect Trish, Thu Oct 12 6:17pm
            about his post - point by point please since you seem determined to be a total ass these last few months
            • Who are you to judge me?Mondo Fuego™ , Thu Oct 12 8:50pm
              You don't own the joint. Sprout proved MathBoy wrong, and he capitulated. Tootles!
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