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Ken C. Why your weather is hot and dry.
Tue Oct 24, 2017 6:24am

Because it is artificially manipulated. Enjoy:

I have been observing this website for over a year. And other meteorological websites, too. It's interesting how approaching moisture fields are systematically blocked, and rerouted away from Calfornia. Often one watches the inexplicable evaporation of a leading moisture field edge as it struggles to move into California. Enjoy your fake weather. Up here in the north our forests are dying. The pace is excellerating. Beatles are a symptom, not a cause. I have a huge pine tree next to my house that is virtually dead. It has to come down next year, a big expense. I look up the mountain side and see dying fir and pine. Being in a rain shadow I have not been in a drought. And the pine next to my house sits next to a creek. No lack of water. Something else is occurring that is causing the general environmental meltdown. Further to this is the incredible lack of insects this year. Not even a speculation. I am well tuned into my area here. No moths at night, very few bees and wasps during the day. Virtually no flies. Few if any mosquitoes. It's spooky. I do feed the birds that eat seeds. When our forest go, so too does your imported Northern California water.

    • Very sunny and no smog or fog today.Ken C, Tue Oct 24 10:32am
      Itís not just hot, itís sunny too. Sky is blue. Air is clear. The mountains are usually obscured by fog or smog, but are clearly visible today. Beautiful. I wish they would make it like this more... more
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