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Where Did You Hear It?
Tue Oct 24, 2017 12:42pm

DOW was hitting records years before Trump was elected.

Ditto for unemployment level - though back then Republicans swore the numbers were being fudged.

Has illegal immigration been slashed - who has been accurately counting new or returning illigal immigrants.

  • You won't here this on CNN or PMSNBC.SES, Tue Oct 24 12:28pm
    DOW hitting record highs almost on a weekly if not daily basis. First-time jobless claims at their lowest level in almost half a century. Illegal immigration drastically slashed by (gasp) actually... more
    • Where Did You Hear It? — Merlin, Tue Oct 24 12:42pm
      • 85.7% of statistics are made upSES, Wed Oct 25 7:31am
        The really astounding thing about the DOW since President Trump was elected and took office is how QUICKLY it's been going up. On average, between Obama's election and Trump's election, the DOW went... more
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