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Did you forget the names of the deceased?
Tue Oct 24, 2017 1:58pm

Did you tell their loved ones "that he knew what he signed up for?

Did you call the widow and mother liars, when in fact that is what you said,

instead of acknowledging their being genuinely upset and trying to console them?

  • especially when they are stressed. And anyone who makes the occasion of the death of a loved one into a political issue certainly abdicates their sacrosanct role. Her mentor Wilson used her. That was ... more
    • Did you forget the names of the deceased? — Merlin, Tue Oct 24 1:58pm
      • that she was treated insensitively, unless you too see it as a politicalopportunitytotrash Trump. I don't adore the man, but I hate even more The political opportunists whose only tools are lies and... more
        • remarks and absentmindedness about the name of the deceased. Whether you feel that Trump's words were insensitive or not, the important thing is that the Widow and Mother were upset by Trump's... more
          • Frederica Wilson told them to act upset.Mondo Fuego™ , Tue Oct 24 4:37pm
            Don't doubt it for a moment. It's what crooked dems do. And black dems are supreme race-baiters.
          • I would agree thatshadow, Tue Oct 24 4:22pm
            her emotions have become the issue. All the more reason for my disgust with the discussion.
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