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There was some nonsense about rats in there and one guy whos
Tue Oct 24, 2017 5:08pm

brain supposedly was functioning for 10 minutes after he died but 3 others, no. That's cherry picking. You might find this interesting, and I would appreciate your comments.


ONENESS of Mankind, hurting others hurts self.
Soul is whole regardless of handicap.
Material world is unimportant. It is like a school for the Soul.
Hate is evil.
Forgiveness is crucial.
Intellect can be a barrier between a person and God.
Life begins at conception.
Hell is temporary spiritual condition.
God is ever forgiving.
Attachment to this world can prevent Spiritual growth.
Intellect can be a barrier between God and a person.
Time does not exist as we think of it.
Divine Inspiration is confirmed.
Miracles and effectiveness of prayer is confirmed.
We cannot understand our own Souls.
Heaven is not another place but another Dimension.
Children are not born in sin.
We can meet anyone in Heaven.
Spiritual growth is eternal.
There are levels of Heaven.
We can communicate with the departed Souls.
The material world is not “real” but is a farce/illusion.

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