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85.7% of statistics are made up
Wed Oct 25, 2017 7:31am (XFF:

The really astounding thing about the DOW since President Trump was elected and took office is how QUICKLY it's been going up.

On average, between Obama's election and Trump's election, the DOW went up about 90 points per month.

Since Trump's election, it's gone up an average of about 425 points per month.

There are people who will ignorantly claim that much of the rise after Trump's election should be attributed to Obama, ignoring the fact that the DOW had been stagnant for a year before Trump's election, and then took off right AFTER Trump's election.

What makes that even funnier to me is how Rachel Maddow, on Election night, kept referring to the "DOW futures", which were down over 800 points on Election night, I think. She kept referring to that as an indication of how the DOW was going to TANK after Trump's election.

Yeah. He really nailed THAT one, didn't he? lol

And I didn't mention "unemployment levels". I mentioned initial jobless claims. Different animals.

"The numbers: Initial jobless claims, a way to measure layoffs, sank by 22,000 to 222,000 in the week ended Oct. 14. Thatís the lowest figure since March 1973 and well below the 244,000 MarketWatch forecast."

Border Patrol union chief praises 'miraculous' drop in illegal immigration under Trump
by Anna Giaritelli | Jul 17, 2017, 11:02 AM

"The significant downturn in the number of illegal border crossers between the U.S. and Mexico is 'nothing short of miraculous,' National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd said on C-SPAN Monday.

'As far as the Trump administration's efforts on immigration, this is something they campaigned heavily on,' he said. 'At six months, where we are on meeting those promises, we are seeing nothing short of miraculous. If you look at the rhetoric that President Trump has given, it has caused a number of illegal border crossings to go down. We have never seen such a drop that we currently have'."

Nice attempt at deflection, though.

  • Where Did You Hear It?Merlin, Tue Oct 24 12:42pm
    DOW was hitting records years before Trump was elected. Ditto for unemployment level - though back then Republicans swore the numbers were being fudged. Has illegal immigration been slashed - who has ... more
    • 85.7% of statistics are made up — SES, Wed Oct 25 7:31am
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