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You're So Lost...
Wed Oct 25, 2017 7:41am (XFF:

There was a time when we felt uncomfortable acknowledging that there were more than 2 genders.

Hence, there's some holdover in our language.

But don't let that stop you. Reach out to the experts, DFM. You know how science works.

Anatomically, humanity comes with a wide variety of sexual organ configurations. In terms of the social construct of gender... well, you should already have figured out that there was no way such a thing was ever really as simple as a binary.


  • What is gender?DFM, Tue Oct 24 9:26pm
    gen·der noun: gender; plural noun: genders; syn: sex the state of being male or female Let's count the words here: "male" or "female". 1. "male" or 2. "female". I count ONLY TWO. Those are all that I ... more
    • You're So Lost... — Amadeus, Wed Oct 25 7:41am
      • You are living in fantasyland.DFM, Wed Oct 25 1:26pm
        There are TWO genders, and always have been. The rest are made up like Tinker-Belle. When and "expert" tells me that 2 + 2 = 5, then he is not an expert at all. "Anatomically, humanity comes with a... more
        • Underneath Your Posts...Amadeus, Wed Oct 25 2:06pm
          ...there is such fear and loathing. It breathes in the spaces between the words. When an expert tells you something that does not align with what you have believed, you do yourself an injustice by... more
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